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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I can't logon to LSE for You
  2. As an alumni, how can I access LSE for You, Digitary or Careers Hub
  3. I am a Graduate Applicant, how do I access this web site?
  4. How can I order a copy of my transcript?
  5. What is the difference between a Network Account and a Public Account?
  6. I'm having problems accessing my email - what should I do?
  7. My question is not answered here, how can I contact you?

I can't logon to LSE for You

If you find that you cannot logon to LSE for You, the possible reasons, in order of likelihood are:

  • From 17th January 2012 the School's revised password policy rejects network passwords which are more than one year old: a network password is for a network username which is a single word, e.g. username ANON - this change in policy does not apply to LSE Public Accounts (LSE Public Account usernames formed of non-LSE email addresses like If you are unable to use your network username to login and your password is over 1 year old then please re-set your password using the Remote Desktop.
  • Last year's Masters Students: your network account expired at the end of December - please use your LSE Public Account, which you used to check the status of your application before you started at the School, something like '', to continue to access LSE for You.

  • You have entered the incorrect username or password. For staff and students - your username is a single word, something like 'ABRAM' - it is NOT your email address. While, for LSE for You Public Account holders your username is your personal email address.If your web browser has been set to remember your password then try entering your password manually instead.
  • You have just created a new LSE for You Public Account but have not yet 'activated' it. When you create one of these accounts, using your personal email address as the username, an activation code is emailed to that address. You must submit the code to activate your account before you can use it. If the email hasn't arrived in your inbox, check your junk mail folder (or equivalent) in case it was misidentified as spam.
  • You have entered the correct username/password but only after 3 times failing to enter the correct username/password - try another computer - use the same computer but wait half an hour before trying again
  • Your web browser is not accepting our cookie - allow our website to set a cookie (see your web browser documentation)
  • You don't have any permission to use LSE for You: this is unlikely if you are a student or member of staff. - ask IT Services to check that the number on your id card matches that on their records. Please note: if you are a new student who has recently collected your password and changed it and then cannot log in please revisit the password collector page to check that your password was changed, further advice is available in the password colelctor screen help.


As an alumni, how can I access LSE for You, Digitary or Careers Hub

Alumni can create or request an LSE Public Account to access LSE for You, Digitary and where eligible also Careers Hub.

Recent leavers may already have one of these accounts, created to access LSE for You when they were applicants. If so, you can still use that account. The username would have been your personal (non-LSE) email address.

If you have forgotten the password you can use the reset forgotten password feature to set a new one. If you have forgotten the answers to your reset forgotten password security challenges too but still have access to the email account you used as username, you can close the account to clear the way to create a new one. If you have forgotten the password and the answers to all your security challenges and no longer have access to the email account you used as a username, you will need to ask the Student Services to close the old account for you and invite you to create a new one.

Note that recent leavers who still have their LSE Network accounts can login to LSE for You with that and reset the password of their LSE Public Account or create such an account using the option Account Management > Manage LSE Public Account.

For other alumni wishing to obtain an LSE Public Account to access LSE for You or other relevant services, you can request a public account from by e-mailing them a scan of your passport's picture page (or another state-issued ID), your programme and dates of study, your full name at time of registration, your date of birth, and your student ID number.

Note that if you are trying to access the LSE Alumni online community, that uses different accounts. For that, follow the relevant links from here, or contact for help.


I am a Graduate Applicant, how do I access this web site?

Please see the instructions at The Graduate Admissions website


How can I order a copy of my transcript?

See the instructions for current students or alumni as appropriate.


What is the difference between a Network Account and a Public Account?

You get a Network Account after you join the LSE, e.g. as staff or student.

Network Account usernames usually start with the first letters of your surname, sometimes followed by your initials and/or a number, e.g. OTHER or OTHERAN or OTHER

A network account enables you to:

  • Login to school computers.
  • Access LSE systems such as LSE for You, Moodle, the LSE Wallet and the Training and Development System.


  • expires a few months after you stop being a student or your contract ends.

A Public Account uses a non-LSE email address as your username, e.g.

You will typically get a Public Account before you join the LSE - as an applicant.

Other uses of public accounts include:

  • Alumni have Public Accounts which they use to gain access to transcripts through the Digitary system.
  • Alumni may use these to gain access to Exam Results in LSE for You.
  • Recent alumni can also use these to access the CareerHub for a limited period after graduating.

But you cannot use a public account to:

  • Login to school computers.
  • Access the LSE wallet or Training and Development System.


I'm having problems accessing my email - what should I do?

For alumni ...

Alumni lose access to their LSE email at the end of the year that they graduate. If they have a query relating to accessing their email account they need to contact IT Service Desk for assistance. If more information is needed or they would like to find out more about the Alumni Email Forwarding Service, more details can be found at this link.

Other users read on ...

The email servers at the LSE are run by IT Services. The following suggestions have been provided by IT Services: if you still have a problem with your email account please contact IT Services.

Below is a list of instructions for accessing your LSE mail account over the web. 90% of all web-mail problems are solved by following these instructions, including "authorisation failed" and "server time-out".

  1. Open the URL or follow link to Web Access to Mail from the home page
  2. Type in your " mail alias". This is the first part of your e-mail address, up to but not including the For someone with the email address it would be a.webb Hit enter.
  3. In the username box that appears type in your username in the format of LSE\USERNAME Your username is what you use to logon on campus, it does not contain commas or full-stops, and is generally the first 8 characters of your surname. In the example above the username would be entered as LSE\webb Internet Explorer may ask you for domain name. You can either enter the username as LSE\USERNAME and leave the domain field blank or enter username as USERNAME and domain as LSE, try both methods if you encounter problems.
  4. Tab or click to the password box and enter your LSE network password. Password is case-sensitive, must be entered in lower case if it is set in lower case and vice-versa. Be sure to try both upper and lower case if you cannot logon.
  5. LSE provides 3 web-mail login servers, if you cannot login, click on the link to try a different server (in the top left-hand corner of the Web Access to Mail page). Your current server number is displayed at the top of this page. This is particularly relevenat for server time-out problems. The servers can be accessed directly by opening URL and using 1,2 or 3 in "exweb-..." to access different servers. If you still have a problem, then get someone to help you check the following:
    • Disable proxies on your browser.
    • The logon procedure uses Java.
    • Your browser must have cookies enabled.


To send a written enquiry...

If the information on this page doesn't answer your question about Login you may send a written enquiry.